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Aims & Objectives Of The Trust

 The objectives of the Trust are as under:

  • To establish and maintain schools, colleges to impart academic, professional and technical educational.
  • To establish and maintain hostels, orphanages, home for the aged, juniorates, novitiates house of studies, seminaries, health care facilities, Ashram, Retreat centre, cultural and continuing educational centres.
  • To render financial assistance to the above institutions.
  • To promote socio, economic health, and cultural development particularly of youth through teaching and other methods.
  • To carry on such other activity or activities in order to promote the above objects of the Trust and objects of charitable nature.
  • To aid financially or otherwise any projects or programmes of similar nature either run by the Trust or any other charitable organization.
  • To establish and maintain centre for youth especially for school drop outs and impart vocational training and aid them for self employment.
  • To affiliate or collaborate with such other charitable organizations having similar objects.