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About Marianists Trust

Marianist Trust was established in Bangalore, on 25th February 1987 by the members of the Society of Mary. It was established with the intention of helping the poor and the downtrodden by providing education, guidance in development as well as other relief measures. In its 26 years of serving the poor and the downtrodden in Society, it has achieved and continues to achieve the purposes of its establishment. Vocational training programs, social developmental ministries, formal and non formal schools are the measures undertaken by the Trust. Apart from its originated place, the Trust’s services are extended to different parts of India. Currently, the Trust’s services are present in Karnataka, Jharkhand, Bihar, Odissa and Telangana.

Marianist Trust, established in 25th February 1987, was registered in Bangalore on 1st April 2010 bearing the registration Number SHV-4-0002-2010-11. It was granted FCRA registration on 2nd September1987. The registration number of FCRA is 094420463.